The online casino world is a large industry, among the abundance of online casinos on the internet, two shining examples of the definitive, reliable online casino come from no other than the top two online casinos in Asia, they are 918kiss and Mega888. Online players and gambling enthusiasts alike will likely have heard of these two names, in fact, in countries such as Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand, the term 918kiss and Mega888 have already become household names. 918kiss and Mega888 are the most downloaded apps among all the other online casino apps available on Google Play Store for android and Apple App Store for IOS iPhone, they have the highest rating, and have scored the most positive user reviews all over the internet. This comes from the fact that both online casinos provide high quality service, high quality games, meanwhile assuring their fans with a stable, efficient and secure gaming platform. Online casinos like 918kiss and Mega888 are what is known as a gamer’s paradise.


If you ask us to choose between these two, it’s going to be a hard decision. So let’s look at the traits of both online casino and analyze them one by one:



Both 918kiss and Mega888 share the same online software providers, and they always handpick their games carefully in such a way that they only provide top of the shelf quality games on their online casino catalogue. The games offered on both gaming platforms are very much similar, with a wide variety of entertainment content for their fans to choose from, this includes fishing games, slot games, poker, baccarat, and many more.



The casino design in 918kiss is clean, user-friendly and efficient, finding your favorite games at the online casino has never been a problem. The same goes for Mega888, but some polishing is required in Mega888’s design to improve the navigation ability of less experienced users.



Both online casinos offer state of the art casino security systems. A reliable online casino should always place consumer safety as their top priority, and both 918kiss and Mega888 have made a good example of offering 128 bit encryption, biometric authentication for their app users. At both online casinos, a breach of user privacy, account hacking or any information leak are unheard of whatsoever.


All in all, we would say the quality of both online casinos is the same. If there is any difference, the gap is so miniscule it becomes irrelevant. If you have a hard time choosing which online casino to go to, our answer is, stop hesitating, just pick one, because whichever you pick, a satisfying gaming experience is guaranteed. To download 918kiss, go to 918kisses.my and download the apk file for the 918kiss app for manual installation. For Mega888, the download platform for the apk file is at Mega888downloader.com. Instructions to install the app on your mobile phone are offered on both download sites.


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