Kiss 918 Slot Games You Must Play In 2020

Kiss 918 Slot Games You Must Play In 2020

Kiss 918 Slot Games You Must Play In 2020

Some of the games that a casino worth its salt cannot miss are the Slot machine games. However, the choice of slot games also has a great influence on the popularity of a gaming site. Available data already shows that slot machine games outperform table games and other gambling forms by far. In the US, in 2013, American gamers lost a whopping $ 119 through the slot machine. If you think that the American loss is shocking, you are yet to be astounded. Australian dealers registered the biggest loss per individual. Indeed, the “culprit” in both cases was the slot machine.


The Brighter Side

Gaming is a two sided venture. You can either lose or gain. Some players have also made a fortune by winning against the house on several occasions. Many examples suffice but some are more exciting. For instance, in 2003, a software engineer aged 25 from Los Angeles placed a bet of $100 in a slot machine in LA and walked home with $39. 710,826.36, a short while after that.

Although such a fortune is a rare one on the slot machine, it does not mean it will never happen, or even happen in bits of it. These are some of the occurrences that keep the players dreaming big, and indeed, once in a while, one or two of them hit the jackpot. Indeed, a life-changing spin of the reel is always one spin away. The promise of slot games keeps them ahead of the other casino games.


The History

In the earlier times, the expression “slot machine” referred t one type of mechanical game of chance. The game came with three wheels. Each of the reels was labeled with different images of fruit. The prizes that came from the old slot machine were phenomenally small, compared to what the dealers get today. In fact, the slot machines of olden days were not taken seriously and were regarded more of a distraction by the casino management and players than a true investment worth its while. However, recent developments in digital technologies have led to the invention of many slot machine games. In fact the sheer variety of styles available on the modern slot machines is intimidating to the rookie player who is just joining the fray. There are many games on the slot today. Some of them are more popular than others.


The Games


Video Poker

Here, there are five virtual cards available to players. Players are to make the best possible hand. The payout is tied to the strength of the hand. Some video poker games allow the edge advantage of the house to be eliminated. Thus players have a more realistic chance of winning.


Video Bingo

It comes with an electronic video card. Two version of the game exist, i.e. the Latin and American Bingo. The American Bingo is popular in the US and features 90 balls and a 5×5 card.



This one is commonly played in Japan. It features three wheels, a three-coin wager. A player is allowed to stop a spin as it rotates. Skilled patrons often beat these games because of the manual stopping window of 0.19 seconds.


Parting Shot

Note that the types of slots popular in one part of the world may not be as popular in another. Indeed, slots reflect a lot about a people’s culture, lifestyle and belief systems. Slot games continue to rock because they maintain the promise of changing one’s fortune in a minute. As they always say, the big fortune is always one spin away. So, let’s keep spinning.


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